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Safest Culinary Torch - Chef Torch for Holidays - Professional Cooking Torch - Butane Kitchen Blow Torch for Creme Brulee and Searing - Adjustable Flame Food Torch - Amazing Dishes Every Time

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Surprise and Impress Friends and Family with Chef Style Cooking and Become Everyone's Favorite Host7 Reasons Why the Ingeniosity Products Professional Culinary Torch is the Best on Amazon1. Widest Range of UsesCaramelized fruit, toasted marshmallows,s'mores, baked Alaska, cauliflower cheese, French onion soup, creme brulee, seared scallops, chargrilled vegetables, seared meat and fish, flaming name but a few.2. Latest Safety FeaturesSafety lock prevents accidental ignition, hand protection plate prevents burns, flame guard prevents flaring, sturdy fixed base prevents it falling over3. Easy to Refill Without Butane Spillage Many other torches are difficult to refill. The Ingeniosity Products torch fills easily and cleanly with minimal leakage.4. Practical, Stylish and DurableStylish matt black and stainless steel finish. Made from strong and durable metal and plastic to withstand the activity in a busy kitchen. Feels very sturdy, but its light weight makes it easy to work with for as long as you need. Its smooth surfaces are easy to clean - simply wipe with a damp cloth after it has cooled down.5. Adjustable Range of Temperatures for Perfect Results Every TimeWith a maximum temperature of 2370F, this torch is one of the hottest on the market.Not all foods need a flame this hot, so the sensitive gas flow regulator lets you adjust to the ideal temperature.6. A Perfect Gift for your Foodie FriendsThey will be thrilled with the fantastic gift you got them7. Money-Back GuaranteeFull refund - No questions askedDiscover the Ingeniosity Products Professional Culinary Torch for yourself risk-free! Order today....and while you're at it, pick up a couple as gifts!

Product Features

YOUR KIDS' SAFETY IS WORTH IT - With a safety lock to ensure it can't ignite accidentally, a sturdy fixed base to stop it falling over when you set it down, flame guard to prevent flaring and hand protection plate to guard you from the heat of the flame, the Ingeniosity Products culinary torch has the best protection on the market. Say 'hello' to the safest torch you will ever buy. Your pets will be safe too. TAKE THE STRESS OUT OF ENTERTAINING - No more sleepless nights worrying about what to prepare for your 'foodie' friends and no more endless days spent preparing. Our amazing cooking torch will let you transform simple recipes into dishes that look and taste as if they came from a professional chef's kitchen. YOU DESERVE TO FEEL CONFIDENT & IN CONTROL - You need a kitchen torch that is reliable and simple to use and control. The piezo ignition lights your cooking torch with the single press of a button time after time. You'll get perfect results for any dish with the adjustable flame and temperature - up to 2370?F, so it's really efficient. Refilling is quick and easy using widely available BUTANE GAS FOR LIGHTERS. (Butane not included for shipping safety). It lasts up to 60 minutes when full. NO MORE COMPLAINTS ABOUT BORING MEALS - Surprise and delight your family and friends with a huge variety of exciting dishes. With the Ingeniosity Products best crème brulee torch, you can also do perfectly seared meat, fish & scallops; toasted marshmallows; s'mores; flaming cocktails; savory & sweet flambé dishes; glazed meats & fruits; roasted peppers; melted cheese; toasted breadcrumbs. You can even use your cooking blow torch for soldering, welding and lighting the barbecue! YOU'RE TAKING NO RISK - With our 100% money back guarantee for a full year - no questions asked. We provide great products for people who want to do the job properly and don't compromise with their tools. We don't compromise either - on service, quality or usability. Add your food torch to your cart now and get ready for the Ingeniosity Products 'no compromise' experience.

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