acrylic pouring painting supplies

Get Started Kit

If you would love to get involved in the craze of acrylic pouring art and make your own stunning abstract and colorful art full of cells, then you will need to invest in a few simple supplies. Don’t underestimate how much you are going to get hooked on your new hobby. Seriously, you could probably go all-in and create 20 or more paintings in your first week. Make sure you’ll have plenty of surfaces to practice on.

Here are some of the recommended basic supplies to get you started. You can also browse around the site and swap out some of these for cheaper or more expensive alternatives.  Read more about getting started supplies and why you need them in the blog article here - Basic supplies to get started in Acrylic Pouring

Don't forget the Getting Started With Acrylic Pouring guide which is available to buy from our blog. Don't waste time, paint, surfaces and money. Jump right in with success from your first poured paintings.

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